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About the Author

Shosti Salamone — Marketing Research Analyst

Shosti has over 10 years of research experience and manages research initiatives for C.H. Robinson’s Marketing Department. She works closely with research firms to access expert market intelligence. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

Do You Have Enough Visibility to Succeed Globally?

Global Visibility

The Aberdeen Group recently released the report, Supply Chain Visibility: A Critical Strategy to Optimize Cost and Service. The report summarizes the results of a survey they conducted of 149 companies, all with predominantly global supply chains. The report reviews how important visibility is in strategies to reduce cost and improve service on a global scale. The results indicate that for 63 percent of companies visibility is a high priority, with an additional 28 percent listing visibility as a medium priority. The survey proposes that complete supply chain visibility becomes increasingly difficult to maintain at a global level due to growing intricacies. » Read More

Research: 128 Executives Share Visibility Strategies


What can you do to improve visibility across your global supply chain? Aberdeen Group surveyed 128 supply chain executives to get a read on strategic actions for improving visibility. The survey results show that companies are challenged with the same business pressures, but when they master end-to-end visibility, the positive outcomes are significant for all partners in the global supply chain. » Read More