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About the Author

Sarah Hendrickson — Demand Planning Leader, C.H. Robinson Category Insights Team

Sarah is the Senior Demand Analyst for the C.H. Robinson Sourcing Division’s Category Insights Team, based in Eden Prairie, MN. She focuses on providing insights around the influence consumer demand has for a given product within the supply chain. Sarah and her team weigh the impact of causal factors such as weather or promotional strategy to demand, as well as the most efficient and cost effective way to flow products thru the supply chain. Sarah has been with C.H. Robinson for 10 years, and is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Holiday Inventory & Demand Planning for Fresh Produce

Holiday fresh produce

Holidays are a time when people enjoy coming together with family and friends to share a festive meal that is often filled with a variety of fresh produce. As a busy mom of two young children, it is important that I can purchase every produce item on my holiday shopping list with the peace of mind that it has the freshness and quality to last in my fridge at least three to four days. » Read More