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About the Author

Rick Willbanks — General Manager, Global Forwarding Application Development

Rick Willbanks serves as general manager for global forwarding application development at C.H. Robinson. Rick has been with the company since 2007 and previously held the role of manager for B2B communication and development of rating and quoting applications. Before joining C.H. Robinson, Rick was the IT Manager at United Health Group and Target. He holds a BS in Psychology form UW-Madison, a BS in Computer Science from Augsburg College, and Master's in both Software Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. When he's not working, Rick enjoys scuba diving, biking, and running.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Global Supply Chain for Cyber-Threats


As recent cyber-attacks in Europe show, any company’s supply chain can become a target. Yet, you can analyze cyber risks to your business and prepare to defend against them now instead of waiting until after you’ve been attacked. To do that, you will need to understand and align your organization’s appetite for risk with response and mitigation techniques before criminals come calling.
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