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About the Author

Paul J. Dugent — Vice President Pricing for Estes Express Lines

With over 40 years of multimodal experience with companies such as Penn Central, Conrail, Smith’s Transfer and Jones Motor Group, Paul Dugent is currently Vice President of Pricing for Estes Express Lines, where he is responsible for Yield Management. Paul is also the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association and also represents the state of Virginia on NMFTA’s Classification Resource Committee.

Guest Post: How Density Based Pricing May Change LTL

LTL shipment

Before discussing density based pricing, it is important that one has an understanding of LTL shipment costs and the role of density.

LTL carriers break their direct shipment costs down into pickup, origin dock, line haul, intermediate dock (break bulk), destination dock, delivery, and administrative cost.

Pickup and delivery costs are influenced by time and are further broken down into stem time, variable running time, and stop time at the customer’s facility. » Read More