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About the Author

Matt Ostrowski — Director of Strategic Projects

Matt Ostrowski currently serves as the Director of Strategic Projects at C.H. Robinson. In this role, he is responsible for enterprise wide projects that help improve organizational performance and development. This includes implementation of C.H. Robinson’s Go To Market strategy, Customer Experience as well as various other projects aligned with Customer Growth and Service across the organization. Prior to this role, Matt served as the Director of EMEA Global Forwarding, and spent 4 years based in London, England and Amsterdam, Netherlands managing European operations and acquisitions. Before moving abroad, Matt lead Ocean and Air Procurement for Europe and Latin America based in Eden Prairie and earlier served as the Manager of C.H. Robinson’s Detroit Global Forwarding operations, where he began his career with the company in 1991. Matt attended Eastern Michigan University and graduated from Schoolcraft College with a degree in Liberal Arts.

Be more Strategic about Your Supply Chain Sourcing


A strategic approach to sourcing what you need to keep your business moving can help avoid disruptions and stay competitive in today’s competitive market.

Interrupted supply chains can mean costly delays and unsatisfied customers. A strategic approach to obtaining what you need to keep your business and products moving—whether you’re sourcing raw materials, manufactured accessories, or transportation capacity—can help avoid unforeseen disruptions and create a competitive advantage in today’s changing market. So just how strategic are you when it comes to sourcing transportation capacity? Ask yourself these four questions:

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