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About the Author

Matt McInerney — Vice President, Global Forwarding Sales

Matt McInerney has been serving in his current role since the acquisition of Phoenix International in November 2012. Prior to that he spent 16 years with Phoenix working in Italy, Chicago, and New York in various sales and network leadership roles. Matt is responsible for leading the GF commercial strategy and driving revenue growth for CHR GF services across the globe. He graduated from Indiana University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and is based in the Wood Dale, IL GF Corporate office.

Global Risk Management: Balancing Prevention and Response

Global Risk Management: Balancing Prevention and Response

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Theft, political unrest, labor disputes, natural disasters, contract errors, insurance issues…all are issues that may be keeping you up at night and keeping your global shipments from their destinations. While you may not be able to predict when these and other issues may happen, you certainly can and should be planning for and guarding against them.
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