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About the Author

Luke Gowdy — General Manager

Since 2014, Luke Gowdy has been the General Manager of the West Region for C.H. Robinson’s produce division. In his current role, Luke oversees the operations of an office network that touches every major growing region in the United States and encompasses multiple modes of transportation, including international transportation and customs brokerage. Luke joined C.H. Robinson in 2007 to develop multimodal capacity solutions for perishable commodities and has held multiple positions since—primarily focused on the grower/shipper community. Luke attended the University of Nevada, Reno.

One Day, 240,000+ Pounds of Produce: How We Celebrated 10 Years of the Western Growers Transportation Program

One Day, 240,000+ Pounds of Produce: How We Celebrated 10 Years of the Western Growers Transportation Program


Last Wednesday I participated in what will probably remain one of the highlights of my career. To celebrate 10 years of the Western Growers Transportation Program (WGTP)—a partnership formed by Western Growers and C.H. Robinson—Western Growers, C.H. Robinson, Feeding America, and other licensed associations participating in the WGTP hosted a national day of giving. We put out a call asking growers and associations to donate fresh produce to benefit Feeding America locations around the country. And they answered. Big time.
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Straight from TPA: 6 Best Practices in Cold Chain Management


It bothers me that poor cold chain management leads to so much fresh produce being thrown out before it even hits the shelf. During a TPA Supply Chain Conference presentation, I explained that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use these 6 key concepts to build a better cold chain and reduce waste.
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4 Reasons To Rethink Your Perishable Supply Chain Strategy

Perishable Supply Chain Intermodal Shipping

It’s a question you face nearly every day. How to handle surge volume demands for perishable cargo across all lanes? The next question to ask is, “have I considered rail transportation solutions?” Given the recent changes in federal laws governing trucks, ongoing market pressures, and advances in carrier technology, intermodal is now becoming the mode of choice for many perishable shippers. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with intermodal transportation, have used it in particular market situations, and feel comfortable with the service when the need arises. For those new to intermodal, consider the following points when looking at diversifying your carrier base. » Read More