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About the Author

Linus Kalenze — Vice President of Consolidation

Linus Kalenze is Vice President of Consolidation at C.H. Robinson. He has been with C.H. Robinson since 2000, and where he began his career in the Corporate Procurement Distributions Services division. In 2004 he was named branch manager of the Consolidation Services Group that specializes in the development and execution of temperature controlled solutions and services. He was previously the general manager of the LTL temperature controlled service line. Linus holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southwest Minnesota State University.

The Effect of Consumer Delivery Demands on Shippers and How Retail Compliance Programs Can Help

Retailers are keenly aware that failure to keep pace with industry change is not an option, as evidenced by continued store closings and retail bankruptcies. They also know that brilliant store designs and seamless mobile experiences count for nothing if they are unable to move the products their customers have ordered to their preferred destinations in excellent condition as quickly as possible.

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What it Takes to Successfully Handle Partial Shipments in an Ecommerce World

How do you handle your partial shipments? Do you use common LTL carriers? Or rely on a consolidation program to get the job done? Organizing successful strategies for partial shipments has always required a special kind of expertise. Sometimes juggling all the pieces of partial shipments can feel like an infinite puzzle. One made more difficult by the growing popularity of ecommerce.

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Order Management: The Secret to Better Partial Load Shipping

Temperature Controlled Truck

You aren’t imagining it. Your partial loads of temperature controlled freight are getting harder to manage. And you aren’t alone. Lots of shippers struggle to route these shipments. Lots of shippers can’t tell customers if their orders will arrive on time—until they don’t. Lots of shippers pay fines because of service failures. And lots really don’t know what transportation actually costs for every customer. But you know what? You don’t have to be one of them. You can get out of this crowd with order level management. » Read More