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About the Author

Laura Peacock

Laura Peacock has been a valued member of Phoenix International, and now C.H. Robinson, for over 17 years. She began her career in the freight forwarding industry at International Aero-Sea Forwarders, and joined the Phoenix team in a local sales role. She went on to become a leading sales representative, winning the sales achievement award multiple years. During her time at Phoenix, she worked in both the Chicago and Los Angeles branches, eventually creating the Global Account Team with a focus on enhancing client interaction with our larger, more complex customer base. The Global Account Team has grown to over 15 team members, providing high level account management and solutions to our elite clients. Within the Global Account Team, Laura also founded the Vendor Management Services and RFQ Teams, and has spearheaded numerous customer centric initiatives, setting the standard for a superior client experience. As a result of her continual dedication to not only her clients, but to her team as well, she was nominated as the 2010 Manager of the Year. Laura continues to provide innovative and thoughtful solutions to our customer base, with an ultimate goal of enhancing the customer experience and growing our partnerships.

What Makes a Great Freight Forwarder?

Freight Forwarder Air Cargo

All forwarders claim to be great. But they can’t all have the best, most dedicated and knowledgeable employees. They can’t all be negotiating the best rates for the service provided. You could spend a career sorting through forwarders to find the ones who actually do what they say they will. Or, you can ask yourself these questions to quickly separate the mighty from the merely mediocre. » Read More