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About the Author

KJ Schmidt — Director of North America Transportation - Western Region

KJ Schmidt serves as C.H. Robinson’s Director of North America Transportation - Western Region where he provides business strategy, management guidance, and broad market analysis to over 500 employees in 23 C.H. Robinson offices in the region. An employee at C.H. Robinson since 1997, KJ started working in C.H. Robinson’s produce division. KJ also oversaw the company’s Los Angeles Gateway in Carson, CA and was General Manager of the company’s LA North office. Over the course of the last eight years, KJ has also served in various integration management roles for two acquisitions, LXSI and more recently, Phoenix International. Working in the logistics industry fuels KJ’s passion of building relationships and providing innovative solutions.

Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community

Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community.Transportfolio


Carriers crisscross the continent to keep the flow of raw, finished, and consumer goods moving, meaning they also keep local, regional, national, and global businesses and economies moving. They’re a crucial link in supply chains, and it’s important to stay connected to the carrier community.
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