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About the Author

Kim Knickle — Practice Director, Emerging Agenda; Sustainability; AOVC

As a practice director at IDC, Kimberly Knickle is responsible for research and analysis of business and IT issues related to the asset-oriented value chain (AOVC), which includes manufacturers in chemicals, pulp & paper, metals, and downstream oil & gas. In addition, she manages the Emerging Agenda practice area, which focuses on hot topics that are rapidly becoming critical priorities for manufacturers such as environmental sustainability; RFID, sensors and M2M; and establishing presence in emerging markets. Ms. Knickle also supports research in the supply chain and the consumer packaged goods industry.

Guest Blog: Why the Chemical Industry Cares About Supply Chain Costs and Innovation

Chemical Industry

Just a couple months ago, Kristopher Glotzbach highlighted some of the key factors in serving the chemical industry. Taking an even higher level view, I’d say that what the chemical industry cares about most from its supply chain are safety (including regulatory compliance), security, cost efficiencies, and innovation. I’d like to share some thoughts on the last two priorities—cost efficiencies and innovation, starting with cost. » Read More