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About the Author

Kevin Doucette — Director of North American Trade Policy and Compliance

Kevin Doucette joined C.H. Robinson International, Inc. in 2009 after a decade as a Manager with a leading international trade and regulatory compliance consulting firm. Kevin is the Director of North American Trade Policy and Compliance for C.H. Robinson International, Inc. In this role Kevin oversees the external Consulting Division (Trade Policy), the internal Export Corporate Compliance Department, and both the internal Supply Chain Security Divisions for C-TPAT and TSA.

5 Questions You Should Ask About Customs Compliance

Port Congestion

Trade regulations are always changing, with daily updates to old rules and the addition of new ones. When I’m helping companies with issues related to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), people are often curious about what causes fines and penalties and what they can do to prevent them. Here are the answers to the most asked questions. » Read More

Refunds from Customs? Now, There’s a Change You Can Get Behind

Port CongestionYou’ve paid your import duties. Now, you’ll receive a retroactive refund for duties on entries eligible for Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) treatment that were filed between July 31, 2013, and July 28, 2015. There is a catch that can mean you’ll never see those refunds. Here are the details of this change and what you’ll have to do to get everything you’re owed.

» Read More