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About the Author

Ken Multra — Strategic Account Manager

Ken Multra is a Strategic Account Manager with 17 years tenure with C.H. Robinson. His history centers around collaborative outsources and strategic capacity solutions. It includes on-site deployment and consulting roles on supply chain planning & execution. As well, Ken is on the leadership team for C.H. Robinson’s KASP program which uses targeted learning and mentorship to accelerate development in our top performers.

Trial By Fire: Onsite Operational Employees Fill In During Peak Shipping Seasons

transportfolio-onsiteSummer has arrived, and people are streaming outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether they’re running marathons, painting houses, or sitting on beaches, they need hydration. In logistics terms, that means it’s the frenetic summer beverage-shipping season, when some manufacturers, with a little help from a logistics providers’ operational onsite employees, take extraordinary steps to slake our wicked thirsts. » Read More