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About the Author

Kelly Maccormack — General Manager

Kelly has worked for C.H. Robinson since 1997. He began his career in the company’s Detroit office, and opened two surface transportation offices: in Yakima, Washington, in 1998, and Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2002. He has a degree in Natural Sciences from Michigan State University.

Infographic: Remove Shipping Barriers at the Canada/U.S. Border

Infographic: Remove Shipping Barriers at the Canada/U.S. Border


Despite Canada and the United States having the world’s largest trade relationship, many shippers run into challenges when crossing the Canada/U.S. border. Typically, the challenges come down to three basic issues that will affect any freight crossing the border.
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3 Things to Know about Shipping Across the Canada-U.S. Border


The world’s largest trade relationship is between Canada and the United States. In spite of this, a surprising number of companies don’t really understand how three basic issues will affect any freight that crosses the border. Read this quick infographic to help ensure you’re up to speed.

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