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About the Author

Kelly Lu — Ocean Export Operations Supervisor

Kelly Lu joined C.H.Robinson in 2010 as an FCL operations representative based in the Shanghai office. Today, she serves as an ocean export operations supervisor for an LCL team. Lu and her team manage LCL export shipments from China to the United States and Canada, and provide consolidation services to valued clients.

A Brief Introduction to China Customs: How It Works in Shanghai

A Brief Introduction to China Customs: How It Works in Shanghai | Transportfolio

It surprises many China exporters to discover that there is no single customs entity in China, and no unified customs export processes, standards, and requirements across the country. Each Customs office has its requirements, and exporters need to learn the requirements for the areas where they will seek clearance for their China exports to avoid potential delays. Still, it is helpful to look at how the export process works at the Shanghai Customs office to understand the roles that exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and the Customs office all have to play. There are steps you can take as a China exporter for faster clearance through Shanghai Customs, and things your forwarder should be doing to help you if your products are held for inspection.
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