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About the Author

Katie Ellis — Manager, Global Forwarding

Katie manages client technology within C.H. Robinson’s Global Forwarding department. She is focused on providing customers with supply chain solutions that leverage technology and align to efficient account management and operations practices. With over a decade of experience in supply chain and logistics, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. 

Use Global TMS Technology to Connect Your Supply Chain

Use Global TMS Technology to Connect Your Supply Chain.Transportfolio


In a world so tied together by technology, why is it that only 35% of shippers use a transportation management system (TMS)? It’s probably the same reason that 70% of those users have used the same software for several years—even if it’s outdated. TMS technology usage is even lower when it comes to global modes as compared to domestic. Change is hard. Implementing or changing a TMS can be arduous. But managed properly, a change to a cloud-based, global TMS could be well worth it.
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