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About the Author

Justin Todoroff — Sales Manager

Justin Todoroff is the Sales Manager for C.H. Robinson’s North American Intermodal Division based in Lisle, IL. In this role, which he first assumed in early 2013, he oversees sales and marketing strategies for the division. He has been with the organization since 2006, and spent the first seven years of his career successfully selling large multi-modal solutions for the Long Beach, California office. Justin received both his undergraduate degrees and MBA from Long Beach State. In addition to logistics, Justin is an avid traveler, regular volunteer, and enthusiastic sports fan. He currently resides in Naperville, IL and can be contacted at

Great Scott, Expedited Intermodal!

Great Scott, Expedited Intermodal!

Expedited Intermodal

Not even Doc Brown’s steam engine time machine could help predict the speed and efficiency of today’s expedited intermodal service. Transporting goods by rail certainly isn’t new. Even before the creation of the steam engine, wooden rails were used to move freight from one place to another. Not nearly as far reaching or expansive, and commonly powered by people or animals, these were the earliest railroads in the world. But since the invention of the truck, rail service has often been perceived as a slower and less flexible transportation option. One way to overcome this perception and help streamline the process was the development of intermodal service. According to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), intermodal service has grown from 15% of rail traffic in 1980 to over 40% of all rail traffic today. The development and expansion of expedited intermodal service helps to break down those negative perceptions even further. » Read More