Winning Bid Season #4: Turn Your Experience with Shippers Around | The Road How many shippers do you work with that fall into the category of favored shipper?” How many more are at the opposite end of the spectrum? It’s important to know that frustrating shipper behaviors—short lead times, long truckload dwell times, etc.—don’t have […]

Key Carrier Spotlight: CJ Transportation | The Road As I discussed in one of my previous posts, a successful and strategic truckload bidding season is about more than submitting the lowest rate possible. By default, most shippers send RFPs that ask for point-to-point pricing on long haul truckloads (moving more than 250 miles from origin […]


Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: What to do if you’re not the winning bid | The Road This is the second installment of my “winning bid season” series. We’ve already covered the importance of annual bidding and what that can mean to your business. By now you should know that a successful and strategic bidding […]


Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: #1 Bidding is an Opportunity | The Road In a previous post on The Road, Kevin Rutherford explained that building logistics relationships, rather than chasing the lowest rate on load boards, is a good way for truckload carriers to stay profitable. When you start working with shippers or third party […]