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About the Author

Glenn Koepke — Director, Operations

Director, Operations Glenn brings a unique perspective to TMC, having worked globally with shippers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). A graduate of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, Glenn spent four years working in Amsterdam, Netherlands, opening TMC’s EMEA global Control Tower® service location. He currently serves as director of operations and continues to bring a wealth of global transportation management and Managed TMS® solutions to global shippers. In addition to overseeing operations globally, Glenn is also responsible for TMC’s operational excellence and supply chain engineering. When he isn’t traveling the world, Glenn enjoys spending time with his family along with playing golf.

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch

2015 Transportfolio Blog Innovation

Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. It’s what propels us to ideate in stronger, more inspired ways, improve products, and streamline procedures. And, it’s what drives the future of supply chains. Innovations in technology and processes can impact your supply chain in many ways, like gaining visibility into your in-transit network or the reducing supply chain spend. That’s why it’s so important—and interesting—to stay on top of supply chain innovation.
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