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About the Author

Duff Davidson — Vice President of Business Development, TMC a division of C.H. Robinson

Duff Davidson has over 20+ years of experience in supply chain management and information technology. In his current role as vice president of business development at TMC, he leads a global team of business development managers, building relationships with prospective and current clients. Prior to TMC, Duff drove significant growth as vice president of business development for a large supply chain software organization. In his business development roles, Duff has demonstrated an ability to help small businesses grow into large global enterprises. Duff attributes this success to building win-win customer relationships that help them beat their competition. Duff earned a BA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, and when not working you can find him supporting the athletic endeavors of the gopher state.

How to Leverage Gartner Research in Your TMS Vendor Evaluation

As more companies enter the transportation and logistics industry, your vendor choices and transportation management system (TMS) options expand. And evaluating each provider to ensure the right fit for your organization becomes increasingly complicated. Should you pursue a technology only solution? Or would a people plus technology provider be a better idea? Finding the answers and narrowing your options may start with an unbiased, outside perspective.  » Read More