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About the Author

Dani Taber — Social Media Representative

Dani Taber is the social media representative for Corporate Marketing at C.H. Robinson. In May of 2012, she graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a Marketing degree. She joined the Marketing team in December of 2012, and has discovered a passion for social media and the supply chain industry. Within her social media role, Dani shares supply chain and logistics content through the C.H. Robinson social media channels.

Global Forwarding: Think You Know the Facts?

Global Forwarding: Think You Know the Facts?

Global Forwarding

If you’d asked me what I know about global forwarding when I joined the industry two years ago, I would have looked at you quizzically and said, “Global forwarding? What’s that?” However, if I was asked the same question today, my answer would be very different. » Read More

100 Days: How Supply Chains Have Become my Life

Supply Chains

I am going to be honest, when I was a child, my dream jobs were always along the lines of a veterinarian or a teacher. They had nothing to do with transportation and supply chains. Until my junior year of college, I was unaware of anything to do with supply chains or how they affected my life. A few of my classes focused on logistics and supply chains, it only was then that I began to realize the importance of this industry. » Read More