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About the Author

Dan Annunziata — Regional Sales Director, Northeast Region

Dan Annunziata was named Regional Sales Director in the Northeast region for C.H. Robinson in January of 2014. Dan began his career with C.H. Robinson in 2008 focusing on sales for the Columbus, OH office. In 2011, Dan was promoted to a sales manager position where he grew and developed outside sales employees. After great success, Dan was promoted to the Hartford, CT branch manager position in 2013 where he led a successful team focused on growth and efficiency with current customers. As a regional sales director, Dan assists the Northeast region reach new sales targets and develops sales talent within the company. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management from the University of Dayton.

How Today’s Technology Innovations May Change the Future of Supply Chains

transportfolio-technology-innovation-07-2015Most of the time I think predicting the future should be left to fortune tellers and meteorologists. But every once in a while it’s fun to think about how the great strides we’re making today could impact our future. We’ve already seen an evolution in things like the telephone, once a novelty shared by entire neighborhoods, now a critical component for businesses and individuals alike. Let’s imagine how supply chains of the future might look in the years to come thanks to the technology changes we’re making today.

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