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About the Author

Christina Carroll — CSCP - Manager, LTL Business Development

Christina Carroll joined C.H. Robinson in 2000, after graduating from University of Minnesota at Duluth with a double major in Marketing and Organizational Management. She works at C.H. Robinson’s Chicago Central Office as Manager of LTL Business Development. She currently oversees an LTL sales program as well as an LTL Outsource methodology and infrastructure that are both utilized enterprise wide.

4 Steps to Simplify LTL Shipping

LTL Shipping

LTL shipping is an excellent way for shippers to increase profitability and efficiency. But how to successfully capitalize on LTL capabilities can pose a challenge for shippers. LTL shippers want to know how they can utilize LTL shipping to save money and make their supply chain more efficient, they are just unsure of how to get there on their own.

Let’s face it, LTL is multifaceted. Overseeing your LTL shipments takes a lot of attention and industry expertise. I’ve discovered that many companies have difficulty dealing with the complexities of freight classes, tariffs, discounts, and fuel surcharges that come along with LTL.
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