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About the Author

Chelsea Chen — Marketing Coordinator, Asia

Chelsea has been with C.H. Robinson for almost two years and began her career as a pricing analyst of CMT with Phoenix International. She is located in the Taipei, Taiwan, office and has close connectivity to the Asia business. In her past positions, she supported our regional carrier and local sales initiatives. She also covered market research for the region. In her new role on the C.H. Robinson global marketing team, Chelsea is the marketing coordinator for the Asia region.

My Journey to a Career in Logistics

Career in Logistics

There are times in each of our lives when we decide to take a risk—starting a new job, building a new relationship, moving to a new city. What those risks are and when we’re willing to accept them into our lives is different for each of us. As I consider my choices, I realize how different my life would be if I hadn’t become a pricing analyst in the logistics industry or if I hadn’t accepted the role of global marketing coordinator in Asia earlier this year. » Read More