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About the Author

Cathy Lopez — Trade Policy Advisor, LCB CCS

Cathy joined C.H. Robinson through the Phoenix International Freight Services, Ltd acquisition in 2012 and has been in the international trade industry since 1979. As the Trade Policy Advisor, Cathy oversees the external consulting services for HTS and Schedule B classification services, ADD/CVD review, and Free Trade program review for C.H. Robinson’s customers.

What “Related Parties” Means for Customs

What Related Parties Means for Customs | Transportfolio


When talking about families, who you’re related to is pretty simple, right? Your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, even cousins are all clearly defined in your family tree. But what about your distant relations? Figuring out where the children of your second cousin or your great aunt’s great-grandchildren fit in gets a little more complicated. Defining related parties in a customs transaction can seem just as confusing.
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How Customs Assists Can Help You Win

How Customs Assists Can Help You Win.Transportfolio

Does your company supply materials to foreign manufacturers/suppliers to produce a product? Just like star basketball players rely on assists to score in the big game, customs assists help produce products. However, when it comes to customs, assists can be tricky.
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