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About the Author

Candy Sanchez — owner and manager, Sanchez Transports

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Candy Sanchez now co-owns a small transportation company with her husband. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing, Candy and her husband merged their interests of management and driving to open their business, Sanchez Transports. Today, with over a decade of experience in the trucking industry, Candy and her husband run their business together and stay busy with their two children.

How I Helped Create a Mobile App

How I Helped Create a Mobile App.The Road

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By now, you’ve likely seen that C.H. Robinson has released a new mobile app for contract carriers. What you might not know is that they built it for carriers, with carriers. Since C.H. Robinson is a 3PL, not a contract carrier, you might think they don’t know our business enough to build an app specifically for carriers. But, you’d be wrong. My company, Sanchez Transports, was one of the first contract carriers working with C.H. Robinson to help them build the app that already helps me run my business better.
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