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About the Author

Bruce Johnson — Director of Capacity Development

As director of Capacity Development at C.H. Robinson, Bruce leads relationships with more than 45,000 motor carriers of all sizes and works closely with customers. Bruce joined C.H. Robinson in 1991 and has held a variety of leadership positions. He serves on several transportation industry boards and committees.

7 Reasons We Love Truck Drivers and Why You Should Too

I’m always glad when Truck Driver Appreciation Week rolls around every September. It’s one short week each year when we try our best to thank the drivers across the country who make our world possible.

In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, I’ve come up with seven reasons why you should thank truck drivers.

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The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It?

Why Trucking Industry’s Image Should Change – Transportfolio


Editor’s note: This post originally ran on The Road, and we’re sharing it here, too, because this important topic impacts all of us. We value our carrier relationships and the important role drivers play in our industry.

Typically, as we reach this halfway point in the year, I like to discuss current, top-trending issues. Today, though, I’d like to talk about something else that has been on my mind lately: the image of trucking.
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Government Shutdown and the Energy Information Agency

Energy Information Agency Government Update

As the government shutdown grinds into its second week, businesses are discovering many surprising ways the shutdown may disrupt the business world. Most transportation contracts with a fuel surcharge table rely on a small agency called the Energy Information Agency (EIA) within the Department of Energy to report weekly national average diesel prices. Every Monday around 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, someone within your company may visit this website to get the latest average diesel price. » Read More

Show your Appreciation for Truck Drivers

Appreciation for Truck Drivers BillboardTruck driver appreciation week is upon us once again, last year I wrote about my appreciation for America’s truck drivers. This year I feel it is still just as important to declare my continued appreciation for the 3.5 million men and women who drive trucks. Take a look around at everything you see and use. The coffee mug you just took a sip from, the keyboard and mouse you used to get to this blog, even the clothes you’re wearing are all a result of a truck driver’s hard work. As the holiday season approaches, most of us don’t even think about being away from family and friends. For truck drivers, they’re often on the road, a thousand miles from home—even during the holidays. Talk to any driver and odds are they miss out on big events like anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Whether you work in the transportation industry or not, we should all be grateful for the hard work drivers do to keep America moving.

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Take Time to Thank Professional Truck Drivers

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

I am not a professional truck driver. I haven’t waved goodbye to my family and set out on the road for weeks. I haven’t missed holidays, weekends, birthdays, or anniversaries. I haven’t tried to put a heavy tarp over a flatbed load. I haven’t worried about driving a shipment 500 miles in a limited time, finding time to make check calls, and wanting a home cooked meal. » Read More