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About the Author

Brian Tonn — Vice President, Global Sales

Brian is Executive Director of Global Sales for C.H. Robinson where he is responsible for optimizing C.H. Robinson’s largest clients’ global supply chains and providing world-class business intelligence. He has been with C.H. Robinson for 13 years and primarily focuses on supporting consumer products, specialty retailers, utilities and the automotive industries. Brian brings best practices from around the globe and applies them to each client relationships.

3 Ways to Become an Attractive Shipper to Carriers

3 ways to become an attractive shipper to carriers

Attractive Shipper

I saw a news report that said truck driving is the easiest, most available type of job you can get today, and the least attractive job there is. Detention is one big reason. Shippers and receivers know already that detention at their facilities impact a driver’s hours of service (HOS), but they may not know how to correct it. I’ve done more work recently with companies to assess dock congestion, obtain transportation tools to support a solution, and turn shippers into the kind that carriers want to work with. Here’s how we collaborated with one customer on a project like this.
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