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About the Author

Brett Cooksey — Director of Technology - Digitalization Strategy, C.H. Robinson

Brett Cooksey has been an enterprise architect at C.H. Robinson for more than six years. He has extensive experience leading, managing and creating innovative solutions using new and existing business and technology relationships across the enterprise. Brett specializes in driving teams to develop solutions that answers customers’ most pressing supply chain and logistics technology needs. Currently he manages a team of domain architects working on Navisphere®, C.H. Robinson’s global technology ecosystem. Prior to joining C.H. Robinson, Brett served as a systems engineer and enterprise architect in the banking and insurance industries.

Why is Supply Chain Visibility So Important?

What is Supply Chain Technology and Why is it Important? | C.H. Robinson

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track different goods and/or products in transit, giving a clear view of the inventory and activity. It enables shippers to improve customer service and cost controls through management of inventory in motion, proactive status updates, limiting disruptions and risk mitigation. As a result, the supply chain will become stronger and more agile in the process of having good visibility.

The goal of supply chain visibility is to gain advanced insights on how your supply chain works, while reducing risk. Pair those insights with collections of user data, and you are left with a supply chain that can be optimized to be as efficient as possible.

With a third-party logistics provider like C.H. Robinson, shippers like you can improve customer service, reduce costs, and build a stronger supply chain. In this post, we’ll dive into the details of how exactly this is achieved.

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