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About the Author

Bogen Chi — Director of Product Development, Global Air Freight Product, C.H. Robinson

Bogen Chi serves as director of global air freight product at C.H. Robinson. With more than 20 years of industry experience, he brings expertise in ocean, air and LTL consolidation to his role. Previously, he served as a regional sales director where he was responsible for developing, deploying and managing strategic sales tools and programs.

3 Air Freight Trends to Watch for in 2018


The air freight landscape has experienced some dramatic shifts in recent years. In fact, those events seem likely to produce some headwinds for air freight shippers in 2018 in locating available air capacity, especially during peak seasons.
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Air Freight vs. Ocean Shipping: Which is Right for Your Cargo?

Air and Ocean Shipping Options: The Strategy of Modal Shifts

This content was updated in June 2019

You make decisions all day every day. And if you’re in the logistics business, one of those decisions is probably about how you want to transport your goods. Sometimes this decision is straightforward, yet when global shipping needs and tight timelines collide, the choice may become far more challenging.

Both air freight and ocean shipping, the two most popular methods to ship goods across continents, have advantages to consider before choosing one or the other.

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Retail Consolidation: Your Answer to Reducing Complexity in Retail Deliveries

Retail Consolidation

Your business needs to keep products in front of customers in order to succeed. A consistent, reliable less than truckload (LTL) process can make all the difference in your speed to market—a critical component to minimizing out of stock product, getting your goods in customers’ hands, and minimizing or eliminating retailer chargebacks. Unfortunately, LTL shipments can be complicated, and a strategy that requires the transportation of LTL loads to retailers with multiple distribution centers (DCs) is even more so. Luckily, a retail consolidation program may offer the strategy you need to simplify your standard LTL process and stay in compliance. » Read More