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About the Author

Bob Heaney — Sr. Research Analyst Supply Chain, Aberdeen Group

Bob has over 25 years of distinguished leadership experience in research, analysis, and advisory roles in supply chain engineering. He covers a variety of supply chain execution topics for Aberdeen Group, including: transportation management, warehouse management, distributed order management, third party logistics, material handling, and supply chain visibility. An industry insider and internal advisor to company executives, Bob designs, reengineers, sells, and transforms the end-to-end supply chain in multiple industry verticals—high-tech, engineering, aerospace, retail, and CPG. He holds leadership roles in numerous research, advisory, and benchmarking councils, panels, and forums. Bob is a regular presenter at CSCMP, Scope, CSCO forum, and APICS. He was awarded an executive fellowship with Hughes Aircraft Company and graduated with distinction with both an MBA and an MS in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Bob holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Guest Post: Strategic Inbound Optimization

Strategic Inbound Optimization

People utilizing Strategic Inbound Optimization

In October 2013, Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company as part of a broader study, surveyed 163 manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail companies documenting their processes and capabilities regarding Strategic Inbound Transportation. The Aberdeen Group report, Strategic Inbound Optimization: Foreign Trade Zones and Reshoring Increase, illustrates current trends and priorities for companies of all size and industry. » Read More

Guest Blog: The New Normal for Today’s Transportation Executive

Transportation Executive

Over 88 percent of all companies are sourcing products from overseas and 85 percent are selling them to customers overseas. Transportation professionals now support worldwide freight movements (both inbound supply and outbound demand) and today’s transportation activities have grown in both scale and complexity under globalization. » Read More