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About the Author

Bill Doty — General Manager, Info Tech

Bill manages the data center team for C.H. Robinson, supporting the mission-critical data centers and server rooms. He joined C.H. Robinson in 2005 and has been an information technology professional for over 30 years, working with several Fortune 500 companies. He has a varied portfolio of leadership experience, including IT continuity, data warehouse, server deployments, and data center management. Bill is a Data Center Institute board member for AFCOM, an international user group of data center professionals

4 Questions to Ask Your Logistics Provider About Data Security

Data Center: 4 Questions to Ask Your Logistics Provider | Transportfolio


When shopping around for the right logistics provider, you’re bound to ask hundreds (if not thousands) of questions. It’s certainly important to understand a provider’s offerings, capabilities, network, and customer service standards; but asking about their data center and data security is a vitally important aspect that is easy to overlook.

Why? People tend to forget that all of the tracking and reporting capabilities they want requires a lot of data—data that should always be available. So, the next time you’re shopping for a new logistics provider, or if you’re working with one already, don’t forget to ask these four questions about their data center. » Read More