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About the Author

Barbara Muniz

Barbara Muniz is the Director of insurance at C.H. Robinson and has and continues to enjoy over 23 year experience in the field of transportation and insurance. In her current role at C.H. Robinson she is responsible for the Risk Management and claims handling for the Global Forwarding division worldwide; which includes claims such as 3rd Party Liability, Shipper's Interest, Professional Liability, non-marine CGL claims and other subrogation type transportation claims. She is also responsible for reviewing and assessing risk exposure for the Global Forwarding division, such as Contractual Liability risks, Project Cargo and Marine Cargo risks, and any other corporate contracts from a risk and insurance perspective. She is a licensed Property & Casualty Producer in multiple states.

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries | Transportfolio

Do you ever worry about experiencing a general average declaration for your ocean shipments? It’s time to assess what’s at stake and think about how you can minimize your risk. Start by building your knowledge of how general average works, how it can impact your shipments if general average is declared, and how marine cargo insurance can help you sleep like a baby at night.

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