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About the Author

Amy Robinson — General Manager, Global Forwarding, San Francisco

With 30 years of global forwarding and logistics experience, Amy Robinson serves as the general manager of our San Francisco global forwarding office. Amy is responsible for business development, operations, staffing/development, finances and customer relations. Her focus is on providing air, ocean and customs services with a dedicated customer service team.   Amy has held previous roles with Expeditors International of Wash where she consistently drove supply chain solutions for high tech, energy, wearing apparel, medical device, aviation, automotive and bio pharm customers. She spent seven years working for Pilot Air Freight as their regional vice president of operations and sales for the NW region helping hone a successful government sector. Amy spent three years as a volunteer for WIT NC as their program director helping to bring the highest quality of trade compliance programs to the Silicon Valley. Amy is a mom and a wife. She enjoys cooking, golf and scrabble. Amy is also a nurse but has chosen a career in logistics as it is her passion to help provide logistics professionals with a direct, solutions-focused supply chain service.

3 Questions to Ask Your Global Logistics Provider

3 Questions to Ask Your Global Logistics Provider | C.H. Robinson


Today, your supply chain is probably global–whether you buy product from overseas or sell in other markets. But how well positioned is your global logistics provider to help you maximize your business opportunities? How do you know they’re the best ones to handle your business requirements? I’d recommend you ask potential providers these questions to narrow the field. The answers can reveal how qualified those providers are to help you surmount challenges and realize the outcomes you’re looking for around the world. » Read More