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About the Author

Amy Rice — Director, Intermodal Marketing for CSX Transportation

Amy is Director – Intermodal Marketing for CSX Transportation (CSXT). In this capacity, Amy is responsible for CSXT’s intermodal product management, marketing communication, data analytics, market forecasting and strategic planning. Amy has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Amy and her family reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Guest Post: The X’s and O’s of Intermodal in Supply Chain Management

Intermodal in Supply Chain ManagementCooler weather, passion for the team, and the ongoing discussion of the next big game; it must be football season. For most, this means tailgating and spectating, but there are several takeaways that transportation and supply chain leaders can borrow from a successful football program’s playbook. » Read More

Guest Post: Is Your Intermodal Perception Reality?

Intermodal transportation

Intermodal rail has experienced tremendous growth as a transportation solution of choice, with volume increasing more than fourfold since 1980, to over 14 million units moved last year. *Several factors in the transportation industry, such as changing shipper perspectives and the macroeconomic environment support the continued projected growth of intermodal rail, including: » Read More