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About the Author

Adam James — Manager, Solution Design & Analysis

As manager of Solution Design and Analysis at C.H. Robinson, Adam James designs quantitative and qualitative logistics and transportation management solutions for a variety of companies and industries. Adam joined C.H. Robinson in 2002 as an operations representative with the Intermodal division. Since then he has held various roles, primarily in sales and sales management. In 2013, he relocated to Minneapolis to help build C.H. Robinson’s overall solution design strategy. Adam is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) as designated by APICS. Adam graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University.

How to Use Big Data to Reduce LTL Spend

How to Use Big Data to Reduce LTL Spend

In any area of competition— whether it is sports, games, or business— you need carefully crafted, comprehensive strategies that will enable your team to win. So, how do you start building a winning strategy? You start with data.

Today, transportation companies around the world are working to redefine business strategies that will enable them to win in the short and long term by reducing operational costs. With the right data, anything is possible. Having access to data like demand plans, forecasts, budgets, and KPIs is the difference in being a laggard or a leader. » Read More

4 Strategies to Benefit from Intermodal Service

Intermodal Service

The intermodal landscape is evolving. With more available routings, providers, and service offerings, the environment is becoming more complex and dynamic. Additionally, impending truckload regulations and highway infrastructure concerns can give intermodal service an attractive edge in the marketplace. For many reasons, shipping freight via rail is becoming a common solution for shippers to manage costs and capacity. » Read More