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Transportfolio Blog:
Join the Supply Chain Conversation

Transportfolio® shares know-how learned from over 100 years of solving transportation challenges and doing the heavy lifting.


You want a smart supply chain. We do smarter better. We’re always generating new ideas and putting them into action—something we’ve been doing for over a century. And we’re constantly rethinking traditional approaches to today’s transportation challenges and developing new supply chain strategies.


We move stuff around the globe. That takes muscle and ideas. Read weekly posts from experts on marketplace trends, industry-wide sustainability initiatives, and original content and analysis from thought leaders, updates from client forums, and research from top supply chain management and logistics business programs. And because we deliver millions of loads a year, some of those deliveries make for a good story, too. So we’ll tell stories from the road, rail, seas, and skies.

Share your views on supply chain matters—outsourcing, freight, technology, and logistics. Join the supply chain conversation, and let us know what keeps you moving forward.

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Transportfolio is a blog for C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is one of the world’s largest third party logistics (3PL) providers. We provide global freight transportation and logistics, outsource solutions, produce sourcing, and information services to thousands of customers through a network of offices in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We provide access to a vast network of transportation providers worldwide, including contract motor carriers, railroads, air freight carriers, and ocean carriers. With the service and dedication of our performance-driven employees, and our proven track record of success, we’ve built a strong reputation as an industry leader.

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