It’s no secret that freight capacity is tight in 2018. As you navigate this challenging market, however, you may be wondering what factors led us to where we are today. A major shortage of drivers, a new mandate, high loads and even Mother Nature have all contributed in their own ways. Here’s how these factors […]

Flatbed Trucking

If you operate flatbed equipment, you likely noticed that demand for flatbed trailers is skyrocketing. Flatbed shipping is typically known for seasonality and variability in demand, but today’s imbalance with supply and demand is overpowering typical market cycles. What’s causing the demand for flatbed equipment? Well, it’s a mixture of things. There’s certainly overlap with […]


The truncated times required for LCL shipments in comparison to FCL allow you to reduce your inventory and place order based on demand.

We hoped to answer: To what degree do distance and volatility of tenders affect carriers accept/reject decisions?

In any endeavor, there are varying levels of success. This is true for supply chains, too. And the right technology, specifically a transportation management system (TMS) is the connective thread that makes the highest level of supply chain success possible.