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Archives for July 2017

Supporting Carriers with a Discounted ELD Program

Supporting Carriers with a Discounted ELD Program | Transportfolio

Carriers across the country are in the process of choosing the right electronic logging device (ELD) for their business in preparation of the upcoming ELD mandate. Meanwhile, many shippers aren’t sure what actions they should take—if any.
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The Basics of Air Freight: Optimizing Your Global Supply Chain

Air Freight: Learning the Basics to Optimize Your Global Supply Chain


This content was update in June 2019

As the name implies, air freight can be defined as: The transportation of goods by aircraft. » Read More

5 Reasons Why LTL Rates Are Changing & How to Cope

5 Reasons Why LTL Rates Are Changing & What to Expect | Transportfolio

If you’ve been in transportation or logistics for any length of time, you already know that nothing stays the same for long. Recent less than truckload (LTL) rates and capacity levels have been below the levels we saw from 2005-2010. But that’s about to change—and it’s already started.
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5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics

Successful Logistics Outsource

Often in my work in the C.H. Robinson Green Bay office, customers will ask us how they can improve the odds that their logistics outsource will be a success. Over the 15 years this office has been open, I have developed expertise in how to best outsource businesses’ logistics. In this post, I outline five key tactics you should follow to ensure your outsourcing is smooth and successful.
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