Freightquote: A Killer Combo of Talent and Technology | Transportfolio There is a lot happening in today’s world of ecommerce and the Internet of Things (IoT) that relate to the transportation industry, but it takes more than just data and technology to be a best in class organization. Successful companies in today’s marketplace are backed […]

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6 Steps to an Optimized Oil and Gas Supply Chain The oil and gas industry is vitally important; it keeps our lights on, gets our cars moving, and supports technological innovation. Because oil and gas supply chain effects are so widespread, business operations absolutely cannot suffer delays or disruptions. Thus, optimizing your oil and gas […]

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3 Global Trends Shaping the Logistics Landscape in 2017 | Transportfolio It’s bound to be an interesting year for logistics. Even if we dismiss the effects of geopolitics on globalization, there are still a number of disrupters, such as ecommerce and merger and acquisition activity, which could lead to volatility in the transportation marketplace.


Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: What to do if you’re not the winning bid | The Road This is the second installment of my “winning bid season” series. We’ve already covered the importance of annual bidding and what that can mean to your business. By now you should know that a successful and strategic bidding […]


Meeting the Needs of Shippers’ Global Supply Chains | Transportfolio I’ve worked in the logistics industry for over 20 years. Lately I’ve been thinking about how C.H. Robinson has had a front row seat to more changes and challenges in international trade than most people can comprehend. We’ve seen the emergence of new markets, the […]


Trade policy—it’s a topic that has moved front and center over the past months with the changing administration in the United States. We’re hearing lots of questions from shippers, contract carriers, and employees about what changes might be on the horizon for global trade and how to consider what might be next. Let’s dig in […]


Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: #1 Bidding is an Opportunity | The Road In a previous post on The Road, Kevin Rutherford explained that building logistics relationships, rather than chasing the lowest rate on load boards, is a good way for truckload carriers to stay profitable. When you start working with shippers or third party […]


Delivering Flowers to the Nation for Valentine’s Day | Freshspective Every Valentine’s Day, consumers head into stores to purchase flowers at a volume that is far higher than any other day of the year. And, because they want to give their loved ones the freshest blooms possible, many Valentine’s Day floral purchases are made the […]

What do you, as a carrier, want to talk about? All day, every day you’re bombarded with messaging. Maybe it’s TV and radio commercials telling you what products to buy. Maybe it’s a new government regulation telling you how to run your carrier business. Now it’s your turn to be heard—we want to hear from […]


Recruiting Millennials to Supply Chain Management | Transportfolio In last week’s blog post, I highlighted the need for a cross-functional approach to attracting talented professionals to the company—especially supply chain management, which is facing a talent shortage crisis.