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Archives for June 2016

As the Market Turns: Preparing for the Next Upswing in Carrier Rates

As the Market Turns: Preparing for the Next Upswing in Carrier Rates.Transportfolio


Rates represent a constant dilemma between shippers and carriers. Shippers face continual pressures to reduce costs, but truckload transportation providers expect to be paid fairly for their services as their costs, maintenance, and equipment quality continue to increase.
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Keep Rolling: 5 Tips to Streamline Your Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping

Keep Rolling: 5 Tips to Streamline Your Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping.Transportfolio


Although they typically serve very specific types of freight, roll-on/roll-off carriers are an important part of the global carrier mix. For those of you whose freight doesn’t fit the bill, roll-on/roll-off refers to highly specialized vessels that primarily carry rolling cargo. Freight can be self-propelled, such as a car, a truck, forklifts, trailers, or cranes, or towed on, like flatbed trailers or rolling pallets, but never lifted on by crane.
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East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion.Transportfolio

Editor’s note: This post originally ran in October 2015. Since the Panama Canal is scheduled to open this Sunday, June 26, we wanted to share it with you again.

Port ImageYou might think that shippers along the East Coast will be the biggest beneficiaries of fierce competition between the East and West Coast ports. In fact, the battleground on which ports compete for customers will likely expand and move several hundred miles west, toward Chicago and Memphis. It will take in other metropolitan areas like Detroit and Columbus, and encompass a newly contested region that accounts for more than 15% of the U.S. GDP. » Read More

An Uneven Road Ahead for Driverless Vehicles

An Uneven Road Ahead for Driverless Vehicles.Connect

Editor’s note: This blog post originally ran on Connect. Since driverless vehicles are a relevant topic for discussion, we wanted to share it with you here on Transportfolio.


While autonomous vehicles may seem like a futuristic fairy tale to some, these technological game-changers may be closer to reality than you think. Recently, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will issue guidelines for driverless cars by the middle of this summer. The announcement appears to bring autonomous vehicles closer to certainty, but will the introduction of self-driving cars—and by extension, autonomous trucks—match the pace at which the technology is developing?
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SOLAS and Container Weight: What Shippers Need to Know

SOLAS and Container Weight FAQs: What Shippers Need to Know | Transportfolio


If you ship products globally, you probably know changes were made to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention in 2016. SOLAS, while not new, got an update when it comes to ocean shipping weight requirements.

What is SOLAS?

What is SOLAS? | Transportfolio

SOLAS is not a government led initiative, it is a rule from the International Maritime Organization (IMO)—a global authority for the safety, security, and environmental performance of international shipping—and was first introduced in 1974.
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4 Strategies for Planning that Best in Class Companies Use

4 Strategies for Planning that Best in Class Companies Use.Transportfolio

Planning Strategies

Between all of the logistics forecasting and post mortem discussion that go into it, planning can seem like a never-ending cycle. But this critical annual task doesn’t have to be a painful process. Many best in class companies build their supply chain strategy around four best practices. Keep them in mind as you start thinking about your plan for 2017.

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4 Ways to Make Perishable LTL Shipments Easier on Your Supply Chain

Turn Your Perishable LTL from “Necessary Evil” to “Supply Chain Enabler”.Transportfolio


Every day, we talk to shippers and retailers about shipping produce and other perishable commodities in Frankly, most see these shipments as a painful, yet necessary evil that they must to do sell their products. But this doesn’t have to be the case. I’ve found that customers who shift their perishable LTL thought processes from transactional to planned discover eye-opening improvements throughout their supply chain.

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4 Key Takeaways from the Global Supply Chain Summit

4 Key Takeaways from the Global Supply Chain Summit.Transportfolio


Discussions about customs automation, the pros and cons of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and infrastructure status and its trade implications swirled in Washington, D.C., at the 4th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In case you weren’t able to be there, these were my takeaways from the event.

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