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Archives for March 2016

How Mega Ships Impact Ocean Freight Logistics

How Mega Ships Impact Ocean Freight Logistics | Transportfolio


We all know that when we go to the store to purchase an item, we often look for a good bargain. After all, when we save a few dollars here and there, it starts to add up. With this in mind, let’s apply the same thinking upstream. Putting production and labor costs overseas aside, transportation becomes the prime target to help drive down costs. As a result, ocean vessels have gotten larger. It’s pretty simple—the more containers you can fit on a vessel, the lower the operational costs are, which can be passed on to consumers for better bargains on the shelf.
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What Shippers & Carriers Should Consider with Panama Canal Expansion

What Shippers & Carriers Should Consider with Panama Canal Expansion | Transportfolio


The Panama Canal expansion opened in June 2016 and will impact the U.S. logistics landscape for years to come. Shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers need to make decisions about how to best serve their customers in a changing business environment. All modes of shipping – ocean, intermodal/rail, and over the road – will be impacted. Shippers in Columbus, OH, will be in the battleground region of the United States, with ports on the East and West Coasts vying for their business.
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Ecommerce: A Supply Chain Disruptor or Retail Opportunity?


With more than $56 billion spent online via desktop devices and $12 billion via mobile devices in the United States during the 2015 holiday season, it’s no wonder that the most discussed topic at this year’s RILA conference was ecommerce and its effects on supply chains. The consumer shift to ecommerce is a major disruption to retailers and they are quickly trying to adapt.
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March Market Update: Transportation Industry News


We’re hearing a lot about mega ships and an increase in shipments to East and West Coast ports, a technician shortage, and changes in government regulations. Learn more about these topics in this month’s update. We welcome your thoughts on them and others that impact the transportation industry and your business.
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Community of Collaboration: A Recap of the 2016 TPM Annual Conference

Freight Savings in Spain

One of the things I most appreciate about being part of the global logistics industry is the sense of community that we’ve built. Together, we share trade insights, collaborate, problem solve, and navigate the dynamic global marketplace. And that sense of community is exactly what I experienced at the TPM Annual Conference.
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Straight from TPA: 6 Best Practices in Cold Chain Management


It bothers me that poor cold chain management leads to so much fresh produce being thrown out before it even hits the shelf. During a TPA Supply Chain Conference presentation, I explained that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use these 6 key concepts to build a better cold chain and reduce waste.
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