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Archives for June 2015

Are Autonomous Trucks Here Already?


Reading about autonomous trucks in the news lately leaves me wondering what, exactly, “autonomous” means. Is the term interchangeable with “driverless,” as it is so often used in conversations about self-driving trucks and Google’s self-driving cars? According to, autonomous means “existing or capable of existing independently; responding, reacting, or developing independently of the whole.” » Read More

A Big Week for U.S. Trade Legislation: Updates on TPA & GSP

Gov UpdateSome of us in the trade community have felt the U.S. trade agenda had been neglected for the last five to eight years by a Congress that is focused more on domestic issues. While it sometimes wasn’t pretty, over the last 10 days, trade was suddenly the only topic in Congress and it resulted in some significant legislation. While the final version is still being published and we are continuing to review it, here is a summary of what has passed and the alphabet soup of acronyms:

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Trial By Fire: Onsite Operational Employees Fill In During Peak Shipping Seasons

transportfolio-onsiteSummer has arrived, and people are streaming outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether they’re running marathons, painting houses, or sitting on beaches, they need hydration. In logistics terms, that means it’s the frenetic summer beverage-shipping season, when some manufacturers, with a little help from a logistics providers’ operational onsite employees, take extraordinary steps to slake our wicked thirsts. » Read More

The 3 Common Misconceptions about Cross-Border Shipping

Cross-Border Shipping

Nearshoring, the act of transferring manufacturing and production lines away from its foreign location and closer to the United States, is increasing in popularity. More U.S. parties show significant interest in better understanding the cross-border shipping process. The increased interest has exposed many misconceptions within the shipping community, which otherwise cloud the fundamentals of cross-border transportation. Clarifying these assumptions helps improve efficiencies, increase visibility, and grow U.S./Mexico trade relationships. Listed below are three common and incorrect assumptions shippers make about the cross-border shipping process. » Read More

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

Attractive_freight_4_15_14Trends in the freight market have continued over the past months, with contract rates continuing to show year over year increases, capacity tightness easing, and the spot market having abundant supply. Read this month’s Market Update for more on issues impacting carrier capacity and other relevant transportation industry news, and then share your thoughts on these topics. » Read More

How Market Conditions Affect Carrier Decisions

transportfolio-truckload-pricingTransportation has been referred to as a “perfect market,” meaning no single party controls the entire market enough to affect rates. Instead, the market fluctuates based on supply and demand. If supply (equipment) is abundant and there is less freight available, rates go down; if capacity is tight and shipment volumes are greater, prices go up. How do these ebbs and flows in the market impact carrier-shipper relationships?

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