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Archives for September 2014

Strategically Managing Your Spend: An Infographic

Manage Spend

The first three quarters of 2014 impacted a lot of supply chain budgets. The combination of inclement weather, capacity shortages, and stiff marketplace competition had many companies spending more than budgeted.

When budgets are affected, organizations often take it to mean they need to focus on spending less. However, spending less usually only leads to short term success. » Read More

Who could be at risk for personal liability in customs violations?

Customs Violations

An interview with Thomas J. O’Donnell, attorney at Clark-Hill, PLC.

Trek Leather, Inc., and its owner were found guilty by the Court of International Trade (CIT) in 2011 for violating 19 U.S.C. §1592 for the undervaluation of imported merchandise. United States v. Trek Leather, Inc., and Harish Shadadpuri, 781 F.Supp.2d 1306, (CT.Int’l Trade, 2011). This was a landmark decision, as the owner—an officer of the corporation—was found personally liable for violations by Trek Leather, Inc., a corporation. The case was appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), which reversed the CIT in July 2013. This would have seemed to settle the question about personal liability for customs violations. However, in March 2014, the Government requested an en banc rehearing by the CAFC on the matter of personal liability. On September 16, 2014, the CAFC reversed its original decision and ruled that Trek Leather’s owner was, in fact, personally liable. U.S. v. Trek Leather, Inc., No. 11-1527 (Fed.Cir. Sept. 16, 2014). » Read More

Balancing Technology and Process to Maintain Your Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Maintaining a cold chain is a science, especially in today’s global market. There are numerous factors that must be considered at all times to secure the integrity of the temperature sensitive products being transported. Successful cold chains require planning, communication, and the right technology at every step of the journey. » Read More

Retail Consolidation: Your Answer to Reducing Complexity in Retail Deliveries

Retail Consolidation

Your business needs to keep products in front of customers in order to succeed. A consistent, reliable less than truckload (LTL) process can make all the difference in your speed to market—a critical component to minimizing out of stock product, getting your goods in customers’ hands, and minimizing or eliminating retailer chargebacks. Unfortunately, LTL shipments can be complicated, and a strategy that requires the transportation of LTL loads to retailers with multiple distribution centers (DCs) is even more so. Luckily, a retail consolidation program may offer the strategy you need to simplify your standard LTL process and stay in compliance. » Read More

Market Update: Transportation Industry News


In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. From monitoring driver shortages to tracking diesel pricing, staying current on the events in transportation means you will be better equipped to make knowledgeable business decisions and drive growth and efficiency into your supply chain. This month’s Market Update highlights key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America and will keep you up to speed on the latest news and topics that matter to your supply chain and business. » Read More

What You Need to Know about Oversized Flatbed Shipments


When you are aware of the legal limits of over dimensional and heavy haul shipments, you will be better prepared to mitigate risks, experience a safer ride, and drive growth and efficiency into your supply chain. When preparing to move any flatbed, it’s important to know the exact dimensions and weight of the shipment. This awareness will help you better plan your trip, account for transit times, and deliver on time. » Read More

CSCMP 2014: 3 Reasons to Attend

CSCMP 2014

It’s time to gear up for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP) Annual Global Conference. This annual event provides the perfect opportunity for supply chain professionals from around the world to learn, network, and innovate together. Whether you’re already registered to attend or still on the fence, check out the videos below to learn more about three C.H. Robinson session presentations. » Read More