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Archives for February 2014

The Turning of the Screw: The Pressure Supply Chains are Under

The Turning of the Screw: The Pressure Supply Chains are Under

supply chain pressure

Last night I finished a project at home—the kind that seem never ending. The last step was screwing in a plastic outlet cover. While I was just about ready to enjoy the end of a successful project—SNAP!—the plastic cracked because I had turned the screw one time too many. My wife’s admonishment of not using too much force for home projects, toy assembly, and packaging extraction were ringing in my ears. » Read More

An Update on the Generalized System of Preferences

Update on the Generalized System of Preferences

Generalized System of Preferences

Renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) continues to remain in limbo in Congress as we closely approach 200 days since its expiration on July 31, 2013. GSP is a U.S. preferential tariff program for certain classes of goods imported from designated beneficiary developing countries. Established through Title V of the Trade Act of 1974, the main objective of GSP is to promote trade as opposed to foreign aid, as an effective means of fostering economic progress in developing countries. According to the “Coalition for GSP”, a group of U.S. companies and trade associations seeking renewal of GSP, U.S. companies saved $749 million in duty under GSP in 2012 on $19.9 billion of goods through the reduction on tariffs of over 4,000 products from 130 developing countries. In a January 28, 2014 letter to House lawmakers, the Coalition cited that the delay in renewal of GSP is costing American businesses $2 million per day in higher tariffs. » Read More

How Fresh Roses Arrive In Time for Valentine’s Day

The Journey of a Valentine’s Day Rose

RosesU.S. consumers buy the most flowers on Valentine’s and Mother’s Days. Getting fresh roses to your Valentine takes speed, the right temperature, and skill.

Like all perishable products, florals require specific temperatures to maintain freshness. Without the proper temperatures, flowers bloom and fade before they can be enjoyed by the recipient. » Read More

Investing in Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Industry Leaders

Investing in Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Industry Leaders

Supply Chain Industry Leaders

Everyone talks about making investments in our future leaders. But how do we really do that? In our industry, we often talk about making investments in technology and enhancing efficiency. But it starts long before that, and it starts with people. It doesn’t even start with our people. In fact, C.H. Robinson believes investing in the future starts with the people who will be part of our industry tomorrow, and next year, and ten years from now. Which brings the question, how do we invest in people who don’t even work in the industry yet? That’s easy—through a commitment to education and academics. By teaching and supporting the brightest, most innovative student leaders to think creatively, we will see huge returns and success rates in the future. The students of today are the individuals who will, upon graduation, enter and lead the transportation and logistics industry tomorrow. » Read More