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Archives for January 2014

Guest Post: Strategic Inbound Optimization

Strategic Inbound Optimization

People utilizing Strategic Inbound Optimization

In October 2013, Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company as part of a broader study, surveyed 163 manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail companies documenting their processes and capabilities regarding Strategic Inbound Transportation. The Aberdeen Group report, Strategic Inbound Optimization: Foreign Trade Zones and Reshoring Increase, illustrates current trends and priorities for companies of all size and industry. » Read More

Back to the Core in 2014

Core in 2014 with world

All the talk about thinking locally and acting globally has become more than a bit clichéd. And, with everyone in business able to sell products and services anywhere in the world with relative ease, how do we determine exactly what is important on a local basis and what needs to be consistent no matter where in the world you are working, or whom you are working with? » Read More