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Archives for November 2013

Government Update: FMCSA Changes

FMCSA Changes and the capitol building

On November 4, 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released some long-awaited changes to the presentation of the BASIC data and the information available on a motor carrier’s roadside inspection history. The intent of this release is to alleviate some of the confusion that had existed between the official safety rating of a motor carrier (Satisfactory, Conditional, Unsatisfactory, or Not Rated) and the BASIC data that is used as a prioritization tool for safety interventions and compliance reviews.

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Oh Canada! Start Importing into Canada

Bridge over Water resembling Importing into Canada

Do you want to start importing goods into Canada? Due to free trade agreements and increased internet sales, more manufacturers around the world want to increase their business into the Canadian marketplace. As is the nature of customs anywhere in the world, Canadian regulations change every day. One thing can always help you through the process. And that is your customs broker. Your customs broker is your intermediary. They know the ropes of importing and can guide you through the entire process—from initial steps to final delivery. Just remember the old saying, “You date your freight forwarder, but you marry your customs broker.” » Read More

A K.I.S.S. Goodbye to CSCMP’s 2013 Annual Global Conference in Denver

CSCMP 2013 Annual Global Conference Simplifying the Supply Chain

The last place I thought I’d have an epiphany was at one of Denver, Colorado’s finer dining establishments. As the gastronomic wonders began to appear on our table, scrutiny began about the unusual ingredients, flavors, and culinary terms such as “merguez,” “coulis,” and “pansoti.” It struck me that this dining experience had something in common with the conversations I’d had with customers and conference attendees at the 2013 CSCMP Annual Global Conference. The amount of thought that went into comprehending the complexity of that meal was similar to the level of analysis our customers put into their supply chains every day. » Read More