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Archives for September 2013

Will the U.S. Government Shutdown Impact Transportation?

Government Shutdown

Today all eyes will be on Congress regarding funding to keep the U.S. government open. If the government does shutdown, between 800,000 and 2.1 million employees across the federal government will not be at work. This will include some who work to keep our freight moving safely across the country and the world.

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Why Tomorrow’s Mexico is Worth Today’s Risk

Mexico on Map

When you hear outsource do you automatically assume someplace in Asia? What about when you hear nearshore? Does Mexico come to mind? Well for more and more companies, nearshoring their production to Mexico is a competitive option.

It’s true that Mexico’s transportation regulations can be difficult to navigate and that high risk situations are common. From law enforcement officers who can legally open your cargo at any point during transit to fake checkpoints throughout the country, freight can be vulnerable to both theft and damage. With these factors to consider, you may wonder why anyone chooses to nearshore their manufacturing to Mexico’s shores at all. » Read More

Show your Appreciation for Truck Drivers

Appreciation for Truck Drivers BillboardTruck driver appreciation week is upon us once again, last year I wrote about my appreciation for America’s truck drivers. This year I feel it is still just as important to declare my continued appreciation for the 3.5 million men and women who drive trucks. Take a look around at everything you see and use. The coffee mug you just took a sip from, the keyboard and mouse you used to get to this blog, even the clothes you’re wearing are all a result of a truck driver’s hard work. As the holiday season approaches, most of us don’t even think about being away from family and friends. For truck drivers, they’re often on the road, a thousand miles from home—even during the holidays. Talk to any driver and odds are they miss out on big events like anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Whether you work in the transportation industry or not, we should all be grateful for the hard work drivers do to keep America moving.

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Video: Use TMS Technology to Drive Cost Savings

TMS TechnologyIf you’ve read some of my other posts on Transportfolio® or Connect, you’re probably familiar with my position on the importance of technology to your supply chain. Simply put, technology can equal cost reduction, if you have a collaborative relationship with your provider to help you use it. Today I’ll be specific and share how a single global technology platform like Navisphere® (that’s ours) helps thousands of customers improve their supply chain. » Read More