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Archives for August 2013

Where is Your Cargo at Risk?

Cracking down on cargo theft

Cargo theft and security are topics that keep coming up in transportation conversations. The commodities most at risk and tips to reduce your risk of theft are subjects that have already been discussed here. The recently released white paper brief, Current Cargo Theft Trends, provides information about cargo theft at a high level. Using that information and further research, we’ll take a closer look at the locations where your cargo is vulnerable to attack. » Read More

4 Reasons To Rethink Your Perishable Supply Chain Strategy

Perishable Supply Chain Intermodal Shipping

It’s a question you face nearly every day. How to handle surge volume demands for perishable cargo across all lanes? The next question to ask is, “have I considered rail transportation solutions?” Given the recent changes in federal laws governing trucks, ongoing market pressures, and advances in carrier technology, intermodal is now becoming the mode of choice for many perishable shippers. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with intermodal transportation, have used it in particular market situations, and feel comfortable with the service when the need arises. For those new to intermodal, consider the following points when looking at diversifying your carrier base. » Read More