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Archives for July 2013

The “American Pie” Approach to Customs Compliance

American Pie Approach to Customs

Who Gets Audited?

The top 5,000 importers in the U.S. are required to receive audits from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Smaller importers are also likely to receive a visit from the CBP at some point down the road as government oversight increases year after year. Typically, the CBP mails letters to three times more companies than they actually intend to audit. If you receive a notification letter, your chances of receiving an audit at that point are only 33 percent. However, if after you receive a letter, you also receive a phone call, it is 100 percent guaranteed that you will be entertaining Customs auditors in the near future. If you are one of these companies, be sure to check out the white paper, Get Ready for a Customs Audit: Why Shipper Audits are Increasing and How You can Prepare» Read More

11 Reasons Why Creating a Joint Scorecard Can Improve an Outsourced Relationship

Joint Scorecard

Editor’s Note: Earlier in 2013, David Lee contributed a blog post for TMC. We’re sharing his original post here because transportation management discussions are always relevant topics. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, 11 Reasons Why Creating a Joint Scorecard Can Improve an Outsourced Relationship.

You’ve partnered with a third party for freight management services and over time have started to wonder whether the provider is continuing to deliver value.  The benefits of the relationship are no longer clear cut, so now what? » Read More

Guest Post: The Convergence of Modern Trade

Convergence of Modern Trade

In a prior job, I worked for a company that had global reach, yet struggled sometimes to properly span the varied forms of ‘retail’ that characterize emerging versus mature economies. The answer, in part, was to recognize that there are two fundamentally different kinds of trade: modern and traditional. Modern trade is what those of us in mature economies take for granted – large, sophisticated retailers with modern stores, processes and technology. In a modern trade environment, wholesale distribution fills a niche of smaller independent retail, as well as filling shorter turn around supply needs (mainly supplying small retail), external partners must have broad coverage, and infrastructure (roads, warehouses, etc.) are generally not limitations. » Read More

Holiday Inventory & Demand Planning for Fresh Produce

Holiday fresh produce

Holidays are a time when people enjoy coming together with family and friends to share a festive meal that is often filled with a variety of fresh produce. As a busy mom of two young children, it is important that I can purchase every produce item on my holiday shopping list with the peace of mind that it has the freshness and quality to last in my fridge at least three to four days. » Read More